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Where is Aberdeen, Washington?

1 hr from Olympia 1.75 hr from Seattle, WA 2.5 hr from Portland, OR 20 min from the Pacific Ocean As the largest city on the Pacific Coast of Washington state, we serve as the commercial hub for a region rich in history and natural beauty, allowing for a 24/7 commercial district. Just an hour from the state capital in Olympia and less than three hours from two major metro areas -- Seattle, WA and Portland, OR -- with convenient access to the deep-water Port of Grays Harbor , industrial rail service and a jet-capable airport just 15 minutes from our downtown in our nextdoor neighbor city of Hoquiam. (You can see where Bowerman Airport is in relation to our downtown area on our map on the Business page .) Getting Here Whatever your preferred mode of travel, you can get here on your terms. Aberdeen is not far from major transit access, including Interstate I-5 , Seattle–Tacoma International Airport and passenger rail via Olympia-Lacey Station . With inexpensiv

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